We Provide High Quality liquid level monitoring systems

Tank Gauging Systems Corp. (TGS) is a diversified global company that provides high quality liquid level monitoring systems & burner management systems worldwide.

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About Tank Gauging Systems

Tank Gauging Systems Corp. (TGS) manufactures high quality liquid level mechanical gauging systems for Above & Below Ground Storage Tanks and Vessels. Our level product are currently used and supplied to Oil & Gas, Chemical, Mining and Water & Wastewater companies Worldwide. TGS provides standard & custom design mechanical level gauging solutions with control options. Our mechanical level gauges can be completely upgraded with electronic and pneumatic outputs to provide liquid level control for alarms and/or pump control.

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TGS Product Features

Model TGS - 20EX


    • Unique Concept of Magnetic Coupling, Eliminating Direct Contact With Process
    • Un-Limiited Number of Switches can be Added at any Time Without Opening the Vessel
    • Easy Mounting and Adjustment
    • Trip Point Infinitely Adjustable Without Changing Process Piping
    • Hermetically Sealed SPOT Switch f>JO& NC Contacts)
    • Vibration Resistant
    • Switch is Encapsulated Within a Stainless Steel Housing
    • Designed and Constructed to CSA Guidelines


The TGS 20EX Switch is a Magnetically Activated SPDT Bi-Stable Latching Hermetically sealed teed switch. TheTGS20EX is actuated by a passing external magnetic field and remains latched after the magnetic field continues to rise or fall. Reversing the magnetic polarity causes the reed switch to transfer and latch back to its original state. The TGS 20EX will provide either a normally open or normally closed dry contact that can be used to activate external devices such as alarms or soleniods. To mount the TGS 20EX simply clamp it directly to the gauge chamber using two Stainless Steel clamps. The switch can easily be re-positioned by loosening the clamps & sliding the switch to the correct position.


Voltage : 150VDCMax./75VACMax
Current : LOAmpDCMax.
Power : 25 Watts DC Max.
Contact material : Rhoduim
Operating & Storage : Ambient Temperature to +40C
Housing : Encapsulated in a 316 Stainless Steel housing
Approvals : CSAClass 1, Division 1,GroupsC, D, EnclosureType4